Friday, May 27, 2016

YahooDecryptor – 2012

we are presenting a nice present to all of of you, YahooDecryptor - A FREE software to instantly recover Yahoo Login s stored by popular web browsers and instant messengers.
Most of these appliions store the login s so that user don’t have to remember and enter the every time. ch of these use their own local storage format and proprietary encryption mechanism to store the login s. YahooDecryptor automatically crawls through ch of these appliions and instantly recovers all of the stored Yahoo Login s...
Here are the highlights of YahooDecryptor
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Instantly recovers stored Yahoo login s from Popular Web Browsers & Messengers Presents both GUI and Command-line interface, later is useful for Penetration testers Save the recovered list to HTML file.It supports Yahoo recovery from popular browsers and messengers with the exception of Yahoo Messenger which does not directly store the . It actually stores the encrypted token derived from yahoo login name & , hence it is not possible to decrypt from Yahoo Messenger.

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