Friday, May 27, 2016

Viking Battle for Asgard MULTi7-PROPHET

Viking Battle for Asgard MULTi7-PROPHETSize:4GB
Description:A fierce struggle is taking place within Asgard, the rlm of the Norse Gods. The battle has escalated, spilling over to the mortal world of Midgard and now a Champion must be found, a Warrior than can sway this war that thrtens the fate of Asgard and the Gods themselves.The goddess Hel – daughter of Loki, Norse God of mischief, has been banished from the hvenly kingdom of Asgard for defying Odin’s rule. Angry at her fate, she seeks to relse the ancient wolf-god Fenrir which led tells will bring about Ragnarok – the apocalyptic battle that will destroy Asgard and the Gods. With her army of resurrected Viking warriors, Hel marches on the unsuspecting mortal rlm of Midgard.Odin’s daughter Freya, goddess of love and wisdom, is appointed the task of stopping Hel and defending the future of mankind. For her champion she chooses Skarin, a grt but troubled young warrior, ignorant of the true rson for his favour with the Gods and thrust into the midst of their bitter war.As Skarin, players will experience unparalleled battle scenes, lding the charge in a titanic clash between powerful gods and mere men. War on an unprecedented scale will rage across a butifully rlised Viking landscape.
FturesA truly stunning graphical experience on PC.Viking on Stm will re-invigorate the game for 2012 with outstanding visuals taking full advantage of modern gaming hardware. Players can scale resolution, use anti-aliasing and other graphical effects according to the power of their PCs, for a truly stunning graphical experience. Viking: Battle For Asgard™ also supports play via gamepad, and includes fully re-mapped board-and-mouse controls for PC gamers.The story of a Viking Hero.Skarin is an uncompromising force. A plaything of the gods rebelling against their selfish ada. The definitive Viking warrior.Rich Viking Lore.The violent and glorious world of Viking mythology brought to stunning life. Players will write their own leds to be told around the campfire.Vast open world environments.Explore, uncover and fight your way across huge worlds full of combat, exploration and quests.High impact, brutal combat engine.Experience intensely physical melee combat. Dismember enemies with ddly combat moves in a whirlwind of dth.Mythical Powers.Tame dragons and command them to rain fire upon your enemies. Call on magic and the power of the gods to win the mortal war.Free your people.Liberate your Viking kinsmen from the clutches of Hel. rn their trust and their sword arm. Fight alongside them in battle.Epic Battles.Lay the foundations for huge battles fturing hundreds of dynamic NPC warriors. Subtly influence the battle through targeted assassination or wade in to save stricken allies. Become one amongst many and turn the tide in favour of your, AdventurePublisher:Sega
Developer:Crtive Assembly
Relse Name:Viking.Battle.for.Asgard.MULTi7-PROPHET


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