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Vegas Pro Suite v13.0 Build 310 (x64) With

Vegas™ Pro 13 Suite is maximized for advanced and audio editing, deep visual effects processing, total workflow customization, and disc authoring. This premier edition of Vegas Pro 13 ftures the core appliion and a host of additional tools from Crtive Software and its partners to deliver the works and make it sier than ever to bring your crtive visions to life.

Innovative tools
Edit SD, HD, 2K, and 4K material with drag-and-drop functionality or traditional 3-point and 4-point editing modes. The Vegas Pro 13 interface provides an impressive array of innovative tools and thoughtful touches, with a fully customizable workspace that helps you accomplish a wide range of production tasks. Nest Vegas Pro projects within the timeline, customize and save board commands, and use appliion scripting to automate repetitive tasks.

New! Vegas Pro Connect - Vegas Pro 13 collaboration enhancement app for iPad
To meet the collaboration challenge on productions, Vegas Pro Connect replaces tedious written sprdsheets and notes with efficient online and offline review workflows. The app provides a comprehensive review system within a gesture-driven control surface and represents a uine brkthrough in project collaboration and control. sy to set up and use, Vegas Pro Connect provides the kind of collaborative edge that will make your clients feel like they have well-channeled editorial control as well as a more direct and mningful involvement in the crtive process.

New! Superior editing and collaboration
Vegas Pro is known for being a rapid editing environment. The latest version expands on this with the introduction of a multi-tool paradigm which organizes frequently used tools in a convenient pop-up menu directly below the timeline to provide fast access for a more efficient editing workflow.

New! Loudness meters
Open the new Loudness Meters and twk your mixes to maximize audio dynamic range while you maintain consistent -23 LUFS Integrated levels and crte EBU R-128/CALM Act compliant renders that will pass unattenuated through every stage of any contemporary broadcaster’s signal path. The result: perfection, with your audio delivered to viewers in a state as dynamic and pristine as when it was rendered—exactly as you intended—regardless of playback system.

New! Project Archiving
Organize and archive your completed production along with its associated media with the flexible Archive fture. Archive all media associated with a project or only the media used on the timeline, including nested projects. Automatically clr the Project Media window of unused material just prior to archiving in order to maximize storage space. Smart renaming prepares your projects for export to other appliions.

Included with Vegas Pro 13 Suite
In addition to the core Vegas Pro appliion, Vegas Pro 13 Suite includes an indispensable array of professional tools that take your productions to the limits of your imagination…and beyond. Compositing, effects, audio editing and sweetening, workflow automation, music, sound effects, Blu-ray authoring and ing, and more. Beginning to end, top to bottom, this suite gives you the tools you need.

Sound Forge Pro 11
Sound Forge™ Pro is the appliion of choice for a eration of crtive and prolific audio professionals including artists, producers, and editors. Record audio quickly on a rock-solid platform, address sophistied audio processing tasks with surgical precision, and render top-notch master files with se. New ftures include one-touch recording, metering for the new critical standards, more repair and restoration tools, and exclusive round-trip interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro 2. Taken together, these enhancements make this edition of Sound Forge Pro the deepest and most advanced audio editing platform available.

Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2
Enhance the functionality of Vegas Pro software with the batch processing and workflow automation tools found in Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2. Automating frequent tasks and processes, the Production Assistant saves you from hours of tedious editing work and includes tools to automatically insert crossfades between clips, add and customize lower thirds, crte photo and montages from your media, and more. Batch processing converts multiple files to multiple output formats with the ability to add user-definable processes during the conversion, including overlay, aspect ratio adjustment, broadcast color correction, audio normalization, interlace flicker reduction, playback rate adjustment, and more.

New! Powerful New Effects and Filters
Whether your needs subtle color correction twks or you want to make a bold and unique statement with eye-ching special effects, new effects and filters from our partners expand your crtive pallet and stimulate visual inspiration. These tools magnify the visual impact of your s by simply "making things look right." You define what that mns.

Powerful Blu-ray Disc™ authoring
Use Architect™ Pro to author or Blu-ray Disc projects with subtitles, multiple languages, and numerous playback menus. Preview and test your work in rl time. Import layered ® PSD files for buttons and other graphic elements. The MainConcept AVC enr supports variable bit rates up to 40 Mbps and average bit rate of 25 Mbps for better HD quality than ever.

What's New in 13.0 Build 310:
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash during startup when loading some older third-party plug-ins (including CineForm CFHD, NewBlue Titler 1 & 2, and Camtasia).
- Fixed a bug that prevented some third-party appliion extensions based on older .NET frameworks from loading correctly.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an exception error when exiting Vegas.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error when importing projects using File > Import.
- Fixed a bug that caused an error when using File > Import to import a DaVinci Resolve project if metadata was missing.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Vegas Pro from starting when using the Register Later method during installation.
- Fixed a bug that incorrectly offered a choice of English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish languages during installation and exposed incomplete translations in the Vegas interface. Installing this update will revert existing localized Vegas Pro 13 installations to English.

System Requirements:
- ® 7, 8, or 8.1 operating system (64-bit)
- 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D; 8 cores recommended for 4K)
- 1 GB drive space for program installation
- SSD or high-speed multi- RAID for 4K media
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
- OHCI-compatible IEEE-1394DV card (for DV and HDV capture and print-to-tape)
- USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or camcorders)
- -compatible sound card
- -ROM drive (for installation from a only)
- Supported -recordable drive (for ing only)
- Supported -recordable drive (for ing only)
- Supported BD-R/-RE drive (for Blu-ray Disc™ ing only)
- GPU-accelerated processing and rendering requires an OpenCL™-supported NVIDIA®, AMD/ATI™, or ® GPU with 512MB memory; 1GB for 4K.
- .NET Framework 4.0
- ® QuickTime® 7.1.6 or later for rding and writing QuickTime files
- Internet Connection (for Gracenote MusicID Service)

Vegas Pro Suite 13seperatelyincludes the following:
- Vegas Pro 13.0 Build 310
- Architect Pro 6.0 Build 237
- Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2.0.11
- Sound Forge Pro 11.0 Build 272

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