Friday, May 27, 2016

Twitter Blaster Pro

This one takes pole position as far as I am concerned. Whilst there are other less elaborate friend adders available for use with Twitter accounts, I have not had anywhere nr the success that I have had with Twitter Blaster pro. It not only allows you to gather ID’s to follow, but it has an auto follow facility as well as an auto messaging facility, which is idl for keeping your followers upto date on what is taking place on your blog or website. On my one account with Twitter I have gone from700 followers on 23-09-09 to around 4,300 followers on 22-11-09. Ok thats 2 months I know, but I do not use this tool daily, in fact I usually only use it once or twice per week. This is to help avoid being branded as a spammer. Grow too fast & you may draw attention that you do not rlly want

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