Friday, May 27, 2016

Trainer - The Tribez & Castle Ultimate

Buy lacking resource/item to gain.Gems, this only applied to the dialog asking to fill the missing.Resource/item with gem cost, this does.not applied to shop/speed up.If the has.Effect, you'll see the average gem.Cost per item is equal or less than 1, check the pic at message end, it cost 3 gem for 4 item.Then on buying,you gain the.Listed item, together with gems depending on .Version, gain +1 , +10,+100 or +1k.gem per item. For example, in case as picture at message end, I use +10 version, I'll get +40gem and the.Item/resource listed.
Use at your own risk!

Tools: (free DOWNLOAD no )
Engine 6.3 [Link 1] [Link 2] *NEW*Trainer -The tribez & Castlez 64-bit[Link 1] [Link 2]Alternative Link - Trainer -The tribez & Castlez 64-bit[Link 1] [Link 2]srch api
Ftures:monster speed up x2
Tower rapid infinite shot
1 mission per adventure sub-stage, ie, get.Reward ch mission.
disable.Mouse.Idle Timer counting, the net may still be disconnected if idle for a long time
human/player.Unit movement speed up x4
construction speed up x1000 (or swap with x60, some mission.May need a lower speed factor to complete)
RNG Drop/Production.Multiplier (x1,x2,x4,x8), not.Applied for all resource/item receiving.Using a custom much higher multiplier is not.Recommended, you'll stuck by Over-Full Storage Capacity
Extra Hidden Royal/Fort Storage per Entity on map , for reference, a.Pair of Royal+Fort give +700 food space;
Instant Fight.Button;
Fast Pick.Up Timeout
100% drop Random.Loot

[NOTE: Use the 'Speed--zero' entry to help , the has to be applied at the very initial loading screen.]

Download Required tool aboveInstall engineExtract and open the trainer you downloaded aboveIn trainer choose your browser process click attach the continueOpenThe Tribez & Castle on facebook, if the game interface loading like 70% go back to trainer enable the SPEED and click enable allAfter all has beenenable disable the speed and you can play nowEnjoy

srch api

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Use Facebook Comment Box Below to add Feedback, Request , , PC Games, , etc.

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