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Still don’t have Clixsense account? Join HERE
Want to lrn more? Continue rding..

You can rn from Clixsense by:

1. View Ads

Its the siest way to rn money from Clixsense. Click on 'ads' and wait for specific time and you get paid. Click all available ads everyday. It is highly recommended to check the sites several times a day, there might be new ads to click. You can even install Toolbar to get more ads.

2. Tasks

Tasks are sy and fast way to multiply your rning from clixsense. There are mini jobs available to complete on ClixSense. erally, these includes tasks like (Google srch, phone srch, egorize online dls, find URLs, address etc.). You will be provided detailed instructions on how to complete these tasks and you will be in training mode until you answer correct answers. Your rnings from tasks will be credited to your main balance instantly. They are updated frequently so don't miss them.
rning from tasks range from $0.03 - $0.17.

The top worker for ch week will rn a $50 Bonus. This is a weekly contest that runs from Monday to Sunday.

3. Offers

You can also complete offers, s, etc to rn more from this site. Offers erally include daily s, downloads etc.rnings from offers range from $0.50 to 5$.

4. Play Clixgrid

It’s a game of luck. You can win upto 5$ playing Clixgrid. Other prizes inlcude $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2.50 and 5 more chances. Prize will be credited to your main balnace instantly.
Click on any grid,wait for ( 5 sec for premium members and 10 sec for standard members), you will know if you have won prize or not.You will have 50 chances as premium and 25 as standard members.

5. Affiliate program

Refer your friends and multiply your rnings.
Clixsense has the most lucrative affiliate program in ptc industry.

Referrals are those who sign-up under your referral link.

You will get referral commission whenever you referral
a) click ads, (40%)
b) complete tasks, ( 10%)
c) complete offers, ( 10%)
d) upgrades ($2 per ch referral upgrade)
e) purcahase ads (10% up to $2) and more.

But it depends on your membership. Premium members benefit more commission than standard members.

Here is the quick summary of affiliate program of clixsense.

If you have a decent of active referrals, suppose you have 100 active referrals, if all of them click ads daily, complete tasks, offers and you get just 10 cent commission from ch referral, you will get $10 every day.
100 referrals x 10 cent = $10 every day
$10 x 30 days = $300 every month

You can see that from just 100 referrals, your rning will be more than $300 per month. But this is just an example. Someday, you will have less rnings and someday more than that.

Since, you can have unlimited of referrals, your rning potentials is also unlimited.

Sign-up commissions

Also, for premium members , clixsense offer one of the most erous signup commissions per referral in the PTC industry. Whenver your referral rns $1 on PTC clicks, you will get $0.50 bonus. Standard members do not rn this commission.
Standard member Premium member
Commission per Signup none $0.50
after $1.00 in Click rnings

How to get referrals?
The siest way to get referrals is to invite your friends in this program. Go to "Affiliates/Invite Friends" and put your friends email.

Standard member and Premium members.

Standard members are free members. You don't have to pay a single cent to join clixsense nor when withdrawing your rnings to paypal or payza. But you can upgrade to premium for just 17$ a yr. ( Note : Its very less compared to other ptc programs where you have to pay about 100$) Premium members get more benefit that standard members and their rning is also more than standard members.

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:

·Referral signup commissions ($0.50 per referral )
·Higher direct referral click commissions
·More chances to win in ClixGrid (%0 chances for premium members and 25 for standard)
·More ads available (guaranteed 4 standard ads daily + more)
·8-Tier Affiliate Program *
·10% commission for referral tasks and offers ( 5% for standard members)
·10% sales commission (up to 2% and $100 limit per referral ) while 10% sales commission (up to 1% and $50 limit per referral

Note: You don't need to upgrade your account withdraw your rnings. Standard members have don't any limitations, but premium members have rning opportunities. However after some days, you will know the true power of premium account.You can upgrade to premium at any time and even use your rning to upgrade your account to premium.


ClixSense pays the money via Payza ( formerly Alertpay), PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Cheque. The minimum payout is $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members. When you rch the payout minimum, you can request cashout.Payments are issued every Monday.

How much can you rn?

Of course, it is not that sy to rn that much referrals all at once so here's another way to rn referrals and rn money fast and sy!

You can join the tm Clixsense tm Philippines which is based here in the Philippines. They were an independent group who wants us all in the tm to rn. Here's they're method on how we will rn up to P450,000

This is how the system works
Here’s a Brief Explanation on How Clixsense Tm Philippine System Works
for you to rn up to $9,843 (P450,000) every yr at Clixsense.
As a member of the tm..
You can only have 3 Downlines (at your Level 1)
Those 3 downlines (at your Level 1) will make you rn $6.00
(because clixsense pays $2.00 on ch downline at your Level 1)
But That’s NOT ALL!
Those 3 Downlines you have (at your Level 1)
will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you..
so you get.. 9 Downlines (at your Level 2)
making you rn $9.00
(because clixsense pays $1.00 on ch downline at your Level 2)

And it gets even BETTER! Why?
Because those 9 Downlines (at your Level 2)
will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you..
so you get a total of 27 Downlines (at your Level 3)
making you rn $27.00
(because clixsense pays $1.00 on ch downline at your Level 3)
But Your rnings WONT stop at your Level 3.. Because at Clixsense..
You STILL rn $1.00 on ch downlines at your
Level 4 down to your Level 8.

“That is why.. YOU can RN up to $9,843 or about P 450,000 every yr
as a Member of our TM”
Just Imagine rning $9,843 (P450,000) US Dollars every yr
at the comfort of your home! You do not need to go out
of your home to rn US Dollars.
This is a YRLY income because everytime
You and Your downlines renew your one (1) Yr Premium Membership
at Clixsense. You will rn $9,843 (P450,000) over and over again every yr..


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