Friday, May 27, 2016

Racing Rivals v1.1

Racing Rivals v1.1Download Free !

WEEKLY TM EVENTSTURF WARSWIN CUSTOM CARSWIN GEMS & CASH>Tms Race Thurs-Sun>New Requirements ch Day>rn Points to Gain Rank>Win Pinks for Bonus Points

Ftures of Racing Rivals :> Get unlimited cash>Unlimited gems available>More gems to use for gamble>Twk engine for free>Add NOS, custom rims for free

Instructions for using Racing Rivals :1. Open 2. Open first tab3. Select your device4. Open second tab5. Insert amount of gems6. Insert amount of cash7. Click on third tab8. Turn on anti-ban, VPN9. Click 10. Enjoy !
Instructions for downloading Racing Rivals :You will be asked to complete a here is tutorial how to do it.First step:Use an email you have never used before. If you use an email that you used before your download may not be unlocked.Second step:Clr cookies before completing .Third step:Disable pop-up blockers.Fourth step:Complete . Insert valid information and you're good to go.

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