Friday, May 27, 2016

Page View Incrser 2014

This is a program to incrse the views of a page.You Can become popuplar .This program is made by professional tm and working till in 2014.Download fast until it patherd
In this example I have tryied with pastebin , but It works for other websites (not to all)
It cannot be used to incrse youtube views.
How to use the program :
1 : Type a url (or choose from browser)
2 : Type how much time you want to incrse the views (With infinite mode It will incrse until you click on "Stop")
3 : Type the interval : For slow connection , plse type 100 , for fast connection , plse type 5 , for normal connection , plse type 50
4 : Click on start !
With background option , the program will still continue to incrse , but the program will be hided , and you can close with task manager.

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