Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Fileice 2014 No Proof (Not Greetzap)

FileIce is a brand new level of PPD (pay per download) that will help you monetizing your valuable web contents and traffic. If you have unique and most wanted contents such as game /walkthroughs, cool ebooks or anything else, you can make it as your cash machine simply by uploading it to FileIce. When a user downloads it you will rn some bucks. Unlike any other traditional pay per download networks, you don’t need to have that 1000 downloads to rn only $30. Fileice pays much higher for one single download since they use a CPA (cost per action) gateway before allowing a user to download the file. Few days ago I had one download which gave me $7.20 ! Can you erate tons of downloads daily with your valuable files? Then your rning will be seriously huge!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Proof<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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