Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Crte your own PC server in Kali Linux

We need to set the server:
1. Apache2
2. P
3. MySQL
4. PMyAdmin
I have alrdy installed these programs,From here you can install link
go to PMyAdmin enter and crte a new user

crte user
User crtedCheck the User

Now crte a new database
now edit privileges my new usersChoose our new databasfter select all valuesWe should give our external IP address of the foreign customers, ex. myip find0.0.0.0/test.htmlfinish done...!!!next step...If the network is a two-UsersNat to put together our modem and open the Port, open browser and go to <- modem addressTP-Link router default user and : admin, adminInternal IP address to find method use:root@~# ifconfig and result show eth0 or wlan0 192.168.-.-heppy done...

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