Friday, May 27, 2016

Hot Pot Shield Elite (No )

Hotspot Shield is a VPN based software that acts like a shield against network and Internet surveillance. It is equipped with a strong encryption technology that allows it to secure web sessions, personal information and data transfers. In order to ensure complete anonymity, the appliion hides your IP address and arranges for you to remain protected as you travel to different Wi-Fi loions.Hotspot Shield is a reliable choice if you wish to remain anonymous during your online sessions. Your personal details are kept invisible to third party ISPs (Internet service providers) and websites and all transactions are secured through HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption. With it, you can access web content without censorship and all of your or voice chats are protected.The installation procedure is rather straightforward and Hotspot Shield remains very friendly with computer resources all the time, which mns you should be able to run it on older machines as well.After yrs of lacking a desktop GUI, Hotspot Shield now comes with an interface; from here, users now have a more clr option to connect or disconnect the VPN service. The Settings window allows you to configure the level of protection for the Network Detection fture: you can set it to warn you ch time your computer connects to new networks, to auto-connect to unknown networks or to turn off both of these options.
All in all, Hotspot Shield sets the ground for a stress-free anonymous browsing experience. Its powerful aorithm makes it virtually impossible for anyone to trace you.

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