Friday, May 27, 2016

Fileice Bypass V1.3

FileIce Bypass 1.3 is our crtion that allows you downloading files from PPD sites,bypassing the and using a direct link erated ad-hoc. The Downloader cannot be detected so you can use it when you want.
The tutorial will explain you how to use it.
When we started coding it we thought “the challenge is hard”. Luckyly it wasn’t so we sily d the first version of this downloader that is not well known, the “PPD Downloader 0.10“. It had a lot of bugs but at lst it completed our target: download files from FileIce bypassing the s. Unfortunately one of the main bugs of the program was that it damaged the downloaded file making it useless. We worked very hard and finally, with the relse of version0.65, the downloader didn’t make a file corruption anymore.
The files became sier and we thought that extending program’s support to all known Pay Per Download services was and is a good thing. So we studied other minor PPD websites and we discovered that they all use similiar scripts, sy bypassable. Their authors probably studied FileIce’s script and they made one very similiar to it. We relsed so the v1.3 version and all the users were amazed by our powerful program.
FileIce Downloader 2013 supports also ShareCash, Dollarupload, DollarFiles, Firecash, Fileflare, FileFire, FileSummit, FileGeek, FileGold, FileSwappr, Clnfiles and a lot of more PPD sites.

Rd these sy to follow steps to know how to use the tool

Download "Fileice Bypass 1.3.rar"Extract it on desktop or whatever you wantRun itPaste LinkClick "Confirm"Click "Start"Wait few seconds and it will download the file Enjoy!

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