Friday, May 27, 2016

Facebook Software V1.8 Free Download

Facebook Software V1.8 Free Download
1. Execute Facebook v1.8
2. Input the ch time you are running this program
3. After the , input the person's Facebook ID
e.g.: Carolina Masew
4. Select whether you want to use a proxy or not. We strongly suggest that you use a good working proxy, or VPN, because you could face legal and/or federal lawsuits/complaints/judgements in the fortunate case that the person's ID you are trying to , becomes a successful one. Which it will become eventually, as we have a 61% success rate. Their servers detect from time to time, the users intentions, and they issue a 1 hour temporary ban on your IP and DNS.
5. Select a method:
- brute force : an advanced method that is highly tracble, because it relies hvily on multiple packet-sending, which their servers can sily rd and interpret your intentions
- md5 : basic encryption service as used by the majority of services worldwide (yahoo, msn, facebook, , basically every website that provides services and requires the user to register an account)
- slow de-encryptioner : method discovered and currently in development / further imporvement and enhancement by Killzo. It relies on sniffing more than sending packets on information. 90% of the time it analyzes, and in the rest of 10% it attacks. That's why is the most safe method to use, if you decided not to use a free public proxy, paid proxy or VPN for that matter
- jack the ripper : the method developed back in 2005 by a few programmers from Sillicon Valley. It functions as an under-the-hood brker/and compiler. It is very violent, and highly tracble.

6. Press " It !"
7. Congratulations, You Little !
8. And lastly, don't forget to cover your tracks, by using a free public good working proxy or a paid private proxy or a VPN, or several IP and DNS hiding programs. Several programs which SUCK at ip hiding/changing, and don't help in covering your tracks are:

- Ipsharkk
- Iphider
- HideMyAss
- sy Hide Ip
- Hide Ip Soft
- BrotherSoft Ip Hider
- DNS Manipul8er
- VPN sy
- AOL Desktop 9/10
- Surf My Web

We strongly reccomend you to look for services other than those.
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