Friday, May 27, 2016

Facebook Black Box | Flooder, Spammer, Liker, Auto-Adder

Finally it's done! Here it is, my newest tool for Facebook! Facebook Black Box
Ftures are:

> Wall Flooder - Floods the wall of your slave
> Inbox Flooder - Floods the inbox of your slave
> Status Flooder - Floods with your status message
> Comment Spammer - Spam comments of a random link
> Mass Likes - Likes all the posts of your slave
> Random Friend Adder - :)
> Poke - Pokes your slave (once)
> User ID Checker
affiliate marketingNotes:
> Plse update your .NET Framework to the latest version!
> Don't PM me questions regarding this program. Post your questions here.
> Before you log in your account, make sure it isn't logged in to another browser.
> If you can't log in, clr the cache of your IE.
> I made this on Vista Ultimate 32-bit. So there is still some compatibility issues on other OS.

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