Friday, May 27, 2016

Empires & Allies - Uranium Aluminum Copper Gold

credits: DthNote

CharlesProxe___32bit[Link 1|Link 2]CharlesProxe___64bit[Link 1|Link 2]JAVA to run Charles. [Download]Super Ore Mine (1x Unlock)Note:If you are encounter error while downloading ,cant download or something click >>HERE<< to fix the errors so you can download the file =CLICK HERE

How to use:

Open CharlesGo to Empires and AlliesIn charles, right click on and select BrkpointsRefresh the gameA brkpoints tab will apprClick ExecuteAnother brkpoint will open or keep clicking Execute till you see Step 8Now click Edit Response > Click AMF. Look for: Content > data > userInfo > player > unlockResourceEdit the value of Uranium, Gold, Copper and Aluminum to 1000000 just double click the value (This is your ore multiplier)Just after your edit click Execute.Click on the red button or brkpoints button to disable brkpointsClick “Weighted Wlth” to get started, Just wait 15 minutes to have 6 million of ore.HAVE FUN!!!

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