Friday, May 27, 2016

DxO Pack v4.5.2 Build 62 With

DxO Pack is an and DxO Optics Pro plugin and standalone tool that gives digital s the style of the most celebrated conventional s: the colors and the grain of over 20 types including Kodachrome, Tri-X, Velvia have been analysed and reproduced so they can be applied to all your s with just one click.

DxO Pack lets you reproduce the style, colors, and grains of the most famous silver halide s for your digital photos. Try all the available looks and find the one that corresponds exactly to the style that you want for your .

DxO Pack digitally simulates the vibrant colors of Kodachrome 64, the soft grain of Tri-X, or the tle fleshtones of Astia.

Accurate rendering
• A precise rendering obtained thanks to a unique scientific calibration that makes it possible to accurately simulate the colors, saturation, contrast, and grains of more than 50 different silver halide s on your digital photos.

Wide variety of artistic s
• The softness of a Fuji Rla for portraits, the charm of a Polaroid to give the impression of an old photo, the vigor of Kodak Tri-X for superb textures... Combine the colors of one typewith the grain of another, and explore all of the possibilities offered by DxO Pack.

Simple and fast
• The magic of silver halide in just a few clicks, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. Save precious time so you can take even more photos! Use DxO Pack alone or as a plug-in with DxO Optics Pro and .
Whether color or black and white, bring out the best in your digital photos by applying hundreds of combinations of vintage photo effects. Use your imagination to produce rlistic or crtive retro-looking s! You can perfectly apply the quality, style, colors, and grains of the most famous s rolls to your digital photos with DxO Pack, a simple and efficient tool based on innovative technology.

Black and White s
• The charm of black and white photography with just a simple click
Rediscover the magic of B&W photography and enter the universe of old silver halide s, thanks to DxO Labs’ advanced calibration technology.
DxO Pack faithfully reproduces ledary types such as Kodak® Tri-X®, Fuji® Neopan®, and Polaroid®.
Depending on the results you desire, choose the contrast, grain, and gray nuances you like best. You’ll have a broad choice from among 26 different black and white photography simulations to unlock your artistic crtivity or to rediscover an old familiar style.
Work using precisely-nuanced color filters and tonings.
Color s
• Bring back the stunning and vivid colors of analog photography to your digital photos
DxO Pack applies the colors, saturation, and contrast of the most celebrated analog photography s to your digital photos.
Rediscover the softness of a Kodak Portra® 160 NC on your portraits and events, the retro look of a Polaroid for imitating old vaion photos, the contrast and dazzling colors of Fuji Velvia 50 for macro photography.

Crtive renderings
• A touch of crtive madness for your s!
DxO Pack offers you original and crtive renderings! Have fun trying out the 25 different color and black & white looks included in the Expert edition. Apply vintage effects, age your photos, or render them in improbable tints.... Stylize your photos thanks to a dedied effects tab in the renderings pane.
With thePoetic look, discover the atmosphere of an old American series - warm tones, faded colors, darkened scenes. Red Tone intensifies the red hues to capture the buty of evening light. While you’re at it, also try out Photo 1900 to lend all the sweetness of a fine-grained sepia-toned print to your photos.
For a golden, romantic effect, Emo enhances contrasting colors. Select Infrared to bring a strongly contrasting look to your black & white portraits.

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