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Dragon City - 10/Submit Gem [July 1, 2014]

Dragon City, as you can.Understand the name of the game. You take care rare dragons. It is a popular game at facebook,its lie 10,000,000 players are playing every month. You can buy a Dragons from the Shop then you put your dragon where to live, they all have their own habitat. You feed your dragon and make it grow. Make your dragons powerful and you can battle with them. And.You can change their abilities if you don’t like. And to.Make it all happens very quickly, you will need GEMS, And I’m giving you the Dragon City Gem !
Hello there, you are now inDragon City - Gem . As your request gem on DC (Dragon City) we have some free 10 gems, you can get it for free, you don't need to spend money to buy gem in dragon city.
You can use this gems to buy dragons, buildings or anything what you want.
Before you get the gem, you must get your FacebookID and SessionID.
How to get FacebookID and SessionID? you can see how to get yourfacebookID and sessionIDbelow, after you get your own facebookID and sessionID go to the required site below.

Tested and working on July 1, 2014 and link updated
Tools: (no )
Required Site-New-Skys -Dragon City Gem [Link 1] [Link 2]How to find your facebook id[Link 1] [Link 2]
Steps:Open Dragon City on facebookFind your facebook id and session id, to find session id you can see tutorial below.Go to required site abovePut your facebook id and session id and choose what you wantThen wait, it will auto submit after 40secsReload Dragon City GameEnjoy!
How To find your SessionId:
Go to dragon city and click free gifts then right click and choose "View frame source"..see the below

After you click the "View frame source" new tab will appr and press Ctrl+F [Shortcut ofFind]
Then type sessionID..Now you see your sessionID

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