Friday, May 27, 2016

Destroyer v6.15 +

Hello friends,Here i am about to share my newly crted invention that can download files bypassing(destroying) the with very much efficiency. Destroyer v6.15 is proven the best and most efficient in bypassing the s of the well-known websites.
right now it bypasses the following websites:

2)Fileice &

urvey Destroyer v6.15 folder contains 7 files and 1 folder as you can see above.

1) Download Destroyer v6.15 file.
2) Extract it and run Destroyer v6.15
3) Go to your desired page from where you want to download the file.
4) First click the and let open the page after clicking a .
5) Then copy the link from address-bar of offers/ page as show in the above.
6) Download the files and enjoy bypassing or destroying s :)
7) Your downloads will be in Downloads folder.
How Destroyer v6.15 works??--> Destroyer v6.15 efficiently changes the source page of page as is done and downloads the file :)See yourself going to page and right click-->select view page source

Then you will see a page like this:

So Destroyer makes changes inside the source and extracts the download link resulting downloading the file from the site :)

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