Friday, May 27, 2016

Dd Trigger 2 - Ultimate [Update October 31, 2014]

Hello there you are now inDd Trigger 2 . The last trainer is not working, so we update it and crte new trainer.
In this game.Several of the tasks that now, challenging quizzes will give,the more you need to do your best,which is a grt game to you in full by Dd Trigger 2.
In the game you got to the bottom of the world against the zombies invade.In some sections you will encounter is the unity with fellow champions are trying to rid the world from the invasion of zombies.
In this you will sy finish the mission, because this you will become like a god, you will have infinite ammo, damage , zombie can't attack you and many more. Before you do this you will be need engine and the trainer, you can download them both below. If you finish downloading them, you will needed to install engine to make the trainer of the script working. After that Extract and open the trainer and enable it. Follow the steps and tutorial below to make this works.

(Tested and working, Trainer Update October 31, 2014)
Required Tools: (free DOWNLOAD no )
Engine 6.4[Link 1] [Link 2]*NEW*Trainer -Dd Trigger 2 .rar [Link 1] [Link 2]
Infinite AmmoInfinite No ReloadHd ShotMore Item Stack MissionMoney MagnetPlayer Time scale x2Consume no item(NOTE: THIS WORKS ONLY ON MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER)
Steps:Download the required tools aboveInstall EngineOpen Dd Trigger 2 on facebookAfter finish loading open task manager go to process tab findplugin-container.exnd end process the plugin-container that have low memory. (just like the tutorial below)After that, extract and open the trainer you downloaded above, in trainer choose browser process "FireFox" click attach then continue.Click enable all, and wait until all has been enableGo back to Dd Trigger 2 and playEnjoyWatch tutorial below if you don't understand the steps

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