Friday, May 27, 2016

Clash of Gangs v1.1.34 [MOD] APK free download latest version

Clash of Gangs v1.1.34 [MOD] APK Latest version free downloadClash of Gangs an all-new action-packed tactical combat game! Clash your way to the top of the criminal underworld as you build your army of loyal soldiers, ddly Bosses, and even military-grade assault Choppers. Send your gang out on combat missions or raid players from all around the world. Build your base and defend your reputation as the lder of the biggest and baddest crew in town......
Clash of Gangs v1.1.34 [MOD] APK Have following FturesWatch battles unfold in full 3D graphics with Road Perspective setting.Unlock 20+ Managers and construct the best Gang.Level your way to up to the top of organized crime.Develop your representative and also take control the lderboards.
Clash of Gangs v1.1.34 [MOD] APK InformationInf Soldier/Hero Attack RangeInf Soldier/Hero Attack DamageInf Skill/Talent DamageInf Skill/Talent RangeNo Skill/Talent cooldownBugged out purchasingWalls are trted as buildings. (Good for getting walls achievements)AOE Heros are OP (Over Powered) [AOE = Ar Of Effect]Skill Buff multiplier is x1000Only your heros/soldiers are invincible.Arena Auto Win
NoteThe Mail Box system is working now.Improvements have been made to optimize user experience. We have improved issues with crashing and disconnection.
Clash of Gangs v1.1.34 [MOD] APK Latest version free download from below link

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