Friday, May 27, 2016

Chinaman Facebook v2.3 Free Download

(HOT)- Chinaman Facebook v2.3 Chinaman Facebook v2.3
(As Told By Their Tm)This program is only for eduion. We do not accept any responsibility for any kind of problems which you cause in careless usage.Chinaman Facebook can be downloaded now :Our latest version which we worked on tirelessly has been completed and its rdy for usage.Lots of bugs were fixed and we added extra properties to this version.As Chinaman Group we strongly recommend you to update your old Chinaman software to Chinaman v2.3.

1) Open The File in the Folder.

2) Fill In the Blank with the ID you want to .

3) Click ''.


I have never used it as I did not get any time to someone's ID.

But according to their tm, this takes 4-6 Hours depending on the length of the .

So, I cannot guarantee this Tool.

IntroDuction( As By Their Tm ):-

--This is the sequel to the popular facebook 'Chinaman Facebook 2.2' which was developed by us long time ago to Facebook ID's.
--Just fillin the Facebook ID and voala!! you can access it.
--To provide limitation and avoid ation, we have added a which is sy to complete !!
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