Friday, May 27, 2016

Candy Crush Saga (Charm/Level/Score/Life/Booster)

Life and Charm

Go to Candy Crush SagaRight click nr the game and view the frame source.Press Ctrl+Fsession. Copy the session.Go to hernd paste your session, then click Submit.Refresh the game and you'll have +1 Life and +1 on all Charms.Charm List:CandyColorBombCandyFreeSwitchCandyExtraTimeCandyExtraMovesCandySwedishFishCandyStripedWrappedCandyHammerCandySweetTeethCandyBubbleGumCandyAntiPepparCandyJokerCandyShuffleCandyCoconutLiquoriceCandyCharmOfStripedCandyCandyCharmOfExtraLifeCandyCharmOfFrozenTime
Requirements:Mozilla Firefox - downloadFB Add-on - downloadDisable facebook secure browsing - link
Instructions:Use Mozilla FirefoxDisable facebook secure browsing if its enabled.Download and Install FB add-on for Firefox.Play CCS.All your levels should look like the below.

CharlesProxe___32bit[Link 1|Link 2]CharlesProxe___64bit[Link 1|Link 2]JAVA to run Charles. [Download]Fidder 2 [Link 1][Link 2] Engine 6.2 [Link 1] [ Link 2 ] *NEW*Note:If you are encounter error while downloading ,cant download or something click >>HERE<< to fix the errors so you can download the file =CLICK HERE

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