Friday, May 27, 2016

Bypass ShareCash s using JavaScript injection

While answering some s do take a lot of time and often you need to enter some of your personal informations like your phone , email , mobile , and so on. And some of us are to busy to do some s, though some are just take only minutes. But still, we do not know how long it will take
to finish answering those s. For now let’s answer and discuss the following questions. How to Bypass any ? How does the JavaScript works? But before we tackle this questions, first let’s do the following steps...

Requirements :-
You must have JavaScript enabled (Just google "How to enable javascript in Chrome\Mozilla")

You must be using a supported browser - all major browsers excluding Internet Explorer
JavaScript (Download from below link)

Procedure :-
Copy JavaScript and add it into bookmark menu.

click to view Enlarge

When a page , Click on the bookmark.

It remove the , And your download now started.

Note:- This script sometime work some other s such as clnfiles,Adsendmedia etc

It is always better to Try new and Exciting Tricks and to Feel Happy when it works without any Problems, we are Sharing new Tricks on Daily basis, all Tricks are uine and Tested by Us.

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