Friday, May 27, 2016

Bit Plus v7.9.2 Build 32355 With

Bit Plus - the paid version of the client program peer to peer network aiming at the option of downloading large files. Unlike other similar networks (Kazaa, eDon, etc.), where the owners of the same file can be several people who have this file is loed, Bit provides for a file a sole proprietor, who is interested in its distribution . Such interested person may, for example, a software developer.

In addition, the fture of this network is very high speed jumps file, which is achieved by the original method of issuing file from several computers, even if the entire file to them yet. Omitting details, we can say that the more people shake via Bit a file, the faster it will download.

- Dynamic bandwidth management network channels - Bit does not interfere with other Internet-connected programs.
- Parallel loading multiple files.
- Srch for identical files for faster downloads.
- Ability to crte and distribute their files.
- Detailed information about media files ensures the security of downloads in Bit.
- Minimum settings.
- Multi-language interface (a Russian).
- No Advertisements

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