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8 Ball Pool - Long Line Target [Update May 8, 2014]

Hello there, you are now in8 Ball Pool - Long Line Target . The 8 ball pool game is hard to play wither you have a small guide line. So this make you sy to play.
By using this , you have a full guide line like you see the picture above. Before you have full guide line, you will have needed tools fiddler and the modified swf file of the game, you can download them both below.
This is the tricky part now, in the steps below you can play 8 ball pool on miniclip.comonly. Follow the steps below to make this working, that is the tricky part now, if you don't follow the steps the will not work.
If you not satisfied and understand the steps you can follow the tutorial below or here to add you knowledge about this .

SWF File Updated May 8, 2014
Tools: (free DOWNLOAD no )
Fiddler 2 [Link 1][Link2]SWF file -game_v2.10.1.rar[Link 1][Link 2]Alternative Link-SWF file -game_v2.10.1.rar[Link 1][Link 2]srch api
Steps:1. Download the required tools above
2. Clr cache your browser HOW TO CLR CACHE:

3. Install fiddler, after installing run it
4. Open 8 ball pool on and login your facebook account
5. In fiddler find this url >> /games/8-ball-pool-multiplayer/en/game_vX.X.Xxxxxxx.swf (x is the or letter)

6. Then right click it, and >> copy >> then click just url
7. Go to Autoresponder tab then checkenable automatic responsesandunmatched request passthrough
8. the swf file you downloaded above and drag the swf file into the fiddler (game_v2.8.2.swf)

9. In rule editor change it and replace the url that you copy in STEP 6 .. see the if you don't understand
10 After you replace it click save

11. Go back to the game and clr cache it like you do in STEP 212. Reload the game and you can now play13. Enjoy14. If you don't understand watch the tutorial below

srch api

Use Facebook Comment Box Below to add Feedback, Request , , PC Games, , etc.

Use Facebook Comment Box Below to add Feedback, Request , , PC Games, , etc.

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